Category & Brand Snapshot Analysis

Gain valuable insights from your data.

You will receive a dynamic interactive PowerPoint presentation that allows you to drill down on geography, time periods, products, and other measures. The report includes:

  • Category, segment and brand sales and share performance
  • Sales volume breakdown (base vs. incremental, promoted vs. non-promoted)
  • Promotion performance and trends (merchandising lift, efficiency, merchandising contribution to volume)
  • Brand ranking
  • And more….

This turnkey analysis can provide valuable insights to both DataAlchemy customers and non-customers.

DataAlchemy customers benefits

Customers will not only receive the benefit of getting a best practice Category Report from our consulting team, but they will also have the benefit of updating this report as new data becomes available.

Non-customer benefits

Non-customers will benefit from this report as well with immediate insights into their various product, pricing, and promotional programs. Demand data analysis can be labor intensive without a specific tool (such as DataAlchemy) to decipher the massive amounts of data a typical category analyst receives on an ongoing basis. This program allows you to leverage our consulting experts and DataAlchemy with no software investment or learning curve. Results are immediate and guaranteed! We’ll provide you with the data requirements and format and an alqemyiQ consultant will quickly turn around your report. This turnkey Category and Brand snapshot package starts at $5,000. Customized analysis and reports are also available. To learn more about this program call 877-722-3988 or contact us at