alqemyiQ provides enterprise demand data management software solutions to manufacturers, retailers and sales agents. Our products and services offer a systematic way of analyzing and sharing insights gleaned from disparate data sources; including syndicated, demographic, direct POS, and internal shipments to name a few. alqemyiQ is also a supplier of customized consulting services; providing clients with best-in-class approaches to get more out of their data. With over a decade in business, alqemyiQ has provided products and services to many industry leaders including Nestle, Revlon, L’Oreal, GlaxoSmithKline and more.


Company Vision

alqemyiQ is not a new company, but does have an innovative new vision. The company’s CEO, wanted to demonstrate how serious the company is about changing in order to face the challenges of a much more complicated future on gathering data and turning it into actionable insights. As the industry and company evolved, the decision to change Kenosia and Data Alchemy to alqemyiQ and alqemyiQ Enterprise was made.

Over the last 10 years, Kenosia with its flagship product Data Alchemy, set out to lead demand data analytics in the consumer goods industry. When Data Alchemy was launched many years ago, it revolutionized how managers received information – capturing enormous amounts of data from various categories across multiple data sources. Today, there are literally hundreds of data points with little standardization. With more information, managers are faced with making decisions not only with more data but they have to make decisions faster than ever before. New technologies must be explored. Solutions have to be able to integrate massive amounts of data in real-time to compete in today’s global economy.

To continue its position as a pioneer in the industry, Kenosia and Data Alchemy must advance demand data as we know it. The change for Kenosia is necessary and comes at a time when the company is once again on the forefront of leading innovation. Users of alqemyiQ can expect better products, better solutions and better results in the coming months as the company launches a series of new products and services that will ultimately help its customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

alqemyiQ’s vision is to turn intelligence into profits so that our clients can gain unique insights into how their customers behave in real time and on demand. Be a thought leader. Join us in an effort to revolutionize the way we do business.