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DataAlchemy is a powerful application that provides the flexibility to analyze multiple data sources, uncovering insights that will grow your business. It creates a simple, user-friendly environment in which analysts can quickly combine various, disparate sources of data in one common environment to do ad-hoc analysis.

Furthermore, it allows for the automation of business processes on a scheduled basis. The outputs can be presented in an interactive, drill-down basis or static depending on your needs. Hundreds of consumer products, hard goods and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as retailers and sales agents have used DataAlchemy to gain insights all the way to SKU level.

Field Sales Team

DataAlchemy allows trading partners to separate profitable opportunities from those that simply drive volume. DataAlchemy gives trading partners the ability to
create a centralized library of best-in-class ideas to ensure consistent execution of your go-to-market strategy at the field level.

DataAlchemy is ideal for larger enterprises that are looking to increase the breadth of data they use and automate the distribution of data to the field. Unlike most products, DataAlchemy is user-friendly, and can be distributed at no additional cost to an entire field sales team.

Department Head

DataAlchemy maximizes manufacturers’ revenues by providing a platform for fact-based analysis and presentation of the analytic results to retailers. DataAlchemy enables manufacturers and their trading partners to identify opportunities to improve business through increased distribution, adjustments to pricing policy, high ROI promotion practices and reductions in out-of-stocks and similar business metrics.

DataAlchemy provides trading partners with an efficient means to manipulate enormous volumes of data and facilitates the sharing of analytical information, reducing communication turn around time between trading partners from weeks to hours. DataAlchemy reduces the total cost of distributing and managing the analysis of POS, syndicated and internal data sources.