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Q. How is DataAlchemy priced?

A. When you buy DataAlchemy, customers are entitled to an annual subscription of the product for an unlimited number of users – all for a flat fee. This allows customers to use DataAlchemy throughout an organization without having to manage licenses or per seat compliance. The cost of the unlimited subscription is a little more than the cost of a single per-seat license.


Q. How do I purchase DataAlchemy?

A. To buy a subscription of DataAlchemy, contact our sales department at (508) 626-7511 or


Q. Why did you change the name from Kenosia to alqemyiQ?

A. As a company grows, so does its brand. Kenosia is a leader in demand data analytics. Our recent investment in technological advancements and product development has led to outstanding growth in all aspects of our business, from the product line to company leadership. The new alqemyiQ represents the future of the company and the direction we are taking demand data in the coming years.


Q. What training will I need before I can begin using DataAlchemy?

A. Because DataAlchemy is an intuitive desktop application, it takes only days to get up and running versus other solutions which require weeks of training and specialized configuration before it is beneficial. We recommend that all users take the 2-day basic training class to become familiar with the software.


Q. Does DataAlchemy run on a server or desktop?

A. DataAlchemy is a desktop application that can be installed and used without IT’s assistance.



Q. Can our sales people and analysts download the DataAlchemy software and DataAlchemy Viewer directly from your website?

A. Yes, both DataAlchemy and the DataAlchemy Presentation Viewer (called Viewer) software can be downloaded directly from our website.


Q. What are the system requirements for DataAlchemy?

A. Before installing DataAlchemy on your computer, make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Intel Pentium processor (1 GHz or better)
  • 256 MB of RAM needed (512 MB recommended)
  • 120 MB of hard drive space for DataAlchemy
  • Additional hard drive space for syndicated, panel, and shipment data (if additional space on the hard drive is unavailable, network resources may be used).
  • SVGA monitor capable of 1024 x 768 dpi and 65536 colors or better
  • DataAlchemy is designed to run on Microsoft Windows XP or later. Microsoft Office 2003 or later is required.


Q. What are the system requirements for the DataAlchemy presentation bundle?

A. Minimum requirements for users who use DataAlchemy-enhanced presentations (but not DataAlchemy itself):

  • Intel Pentium processor (400 MHz or better)
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 32 MB of hard drive space (for DataAlchemy drivers)
  • Monitor capable of 1024 dpi and 65536 colors or better
  • DataAlchemy is designed to run on Microsoft Windows XP or later. Microsoft Office 2003 or later is required.